Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matt and Kim x Soulja Boy x Andrew WK = ????

I've grew such a fondness to the indie pop/dance band, Matt and Kim. I have both of their albums promptly sorted in my iTunes niche and I hope to keep filling said niche with more of their music, if they make anymore, that is. Which I have no problem hoping for because they've already begun their deliverance!

As part of a "Three Artists, One Song," series sponsored and created by CONVERSE, Matt & Kim teamed up with rapper Soulja Boy and all around entertainer Andrew WK to create the song, "I'm A Goner." Not to mention the video, which Converse easily describes as, "Soulja Boy, Andrew WK and Matt and Kim have risen from the dead to throw a raging dance party in a morgue. The mortician has left for the night, the limbs are fresh and there’s formaldehyde on ice."

They kid you not. Check it out!

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