Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Promo Pics for Season 3 "Community"!

I have not told you guys yet how much I love love love NBC's "Community." Why haven't I told you? Maybe I was waiting for an epic post to include them in, like maybe a "Basic Cable's Best TV Commodities" post? (-nods head- YEP! that's coming around pretty soon, especially since Fall TV is back) But I shouldn't have waited that long. "Community," surely deserved it's own post. Decades ago.

But, after forgiving myself, I just had to post some promo pics for Season 3!

Hmm... Can Annie get a little more ballsy this season? She's deemed worthy after the Paintball Mission circa Season 2.

Also, is it just me or do you guys also prefer Chang when he was just a jackass but hilarious harsh Spanish teacher, instead of him trying oh so hard to be in the group? Me don't like desperate Chang. Me like douchebag Chang.


TIDBIT: Because you guys are good little readers, here's a "Best of Troy," video. Keep all liquids away from your mouth and all foods from your throat. 'Cause if you choke of laughter...

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