Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEW ALBUM ALERT: Florence + The Machine!

Florence and the Machine.

Always heard this group through the grapevine and came across their sounds while watching a TV commercial or while it played in the backdrop of a television show but I neevr truly paid attention till a while ago, when a contestant on "The Voice," sung their jam, "Dog Days Are Over." Certified Jam that I jam to till this day.

From there I researched more tunes and fell deeper and deeper into their music till I was literally FALLING into it. It's so intoxicating, and also right up my ally.

Well, for you already made fans who are judging me for being so late on their coolness... F&TM are coming out with a new LP, dropping on Halloween in the UK and hopefully soon after in the US, called "Ceremonials." And if you haven't checked out the first preview for said album here, then do so.

AND after that, check out another preview track from their new album above called Shake It Out. I NEED A DOWNLOAD LINK ASAP. I love it... I love them... Fangirl moment.

And below is the album cover and tracklist for "Ceremonials." GOSH... The beauty before my eyes.


01. Only If for Night
02. Shake It Out
03. What The Water Gave Me
04. Never Let Me Go
05. Breaking Down
06. Lover to Lover
07. No Light No Light
08. Seven Devils
09. Heartline
10. Spectrum
11. All This and Heaven Too
12. Leave My Body

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