Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW MUSIC / ALBUM ALERT: Childish Gambino, "Bonfire"

Donald Glover -ahem, excuse my pardon- Childish Gambino, is coming out with a new album.

Called "Camp."

No more EP's. At least for now.

Finally, an LP. But this time, behind a record label.

Sir Gambino, who has been signed to Glassnote Records (the indie record label behind Mumford & Sons), will be releasing Camp sometime in November. Would have been earlier had he not been snatched up and officially introduced into the music world by being signed. HI-OH.

Aside from me being proud of his new home, I am also PSYCHED. To hear this album. Oh gosh... So, I totally sweated bullets of anticipation when a snippet of a track off Camp graced the interwebs, called "Bonfire."

Take a listen. Crawl into a rock. And come out when Camp releases. No need to worry about the world. JUST this fine piece of work.


BTW... Dude seriously loves white and asian girls, doesn't he? :'(

ANOTHER BTW... He's having a tour. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE. They officially go on sale tomorrow at 12 noon (10AM for West Coasters). For American Express card users, went on sale yesterday. So be quick as hell. NYC tickets to his last show sold out in three hours. Vultures...

LAST BTW, PROMISE... Season 3 of Community, next Thursday. Hype!

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