Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Other" Olsen Is An Up & Comer!

You guys know that there is more to the Olsens than just Mary-Kate and Ashley, right? Good... I just hope you're fully aware. And if you're not, introducing to you iiiiiiiis...

ELIZABETH OLSEN! Who is said to become indie film's newest star.

She's really pretty.

No, seriously. She's REALLY pretty.

Idk how great her acting chops are but apparently, if you're automatically getting a GQ interview, taking away from you being the youngest sibling of the richest siblings under 30 with their own franchise, then your chops must go ham...

The 22 year old stars in the indie thriller, Martha Marcy May Marlene. In which she goes nude, during a sacrificing scene. (O_O)

You've got the part.

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