Friday, September 16, 2011

SHORT FILM / MUSIC (VIDEO): Best Coast's "Our Deal," directed by Drew Barrymore

There's one of many reasons as to why I'm posting this video up. One of them being the admiration I have for Drew Barrymore, who has suffered as the child star gone bad, out of control, and healed through the cameras of the media, and who has lived to tell the tale while increasing her resume, her talents, and surely, her creativity through the very lens that captured her years ago.

And not to mention, when I saw her directorial debut film "Whip It!" I was proud FOR her, because it's one of my favorite movies. She's chill and it shows through whatever she makes that it's OK to be chill as well, in this industry that's filled with lights, camera and TONS of action.

So, of course, after directing a film, it has to be cool to direct a music video as well. And she has! For the first time, Drew stepped into the Music Video Director seat and has created this great short film/music video for the indie band Best Coast's single "Our Deal." And she's brought to life some of young Hollywood's coolest crowd.

The short film is about two gangs where one of their members happen to fall in love, all while another one of their members gets jumped BY the other gang, causing a war. Featuring Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass") and Tyler Posey (Scott in MTV's "Teen Wolf") as the love struck gangsters, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly in Nickelodeon's "iCarly") as the victim, and featuring the gang members from both sides you have Donald Glover (Troy in "Community"/rapper Childish Gambino), Shailene Woodley (Amy in ABC Family's "Secret Life"), and Alia Shawkat (Maeby in "Arrested Development"), this short film is boss.

Take a look for yourself.

And when you're done, check out the interview Pitchfork Media did with Drew Barrymore about being Behind the Scenes by clicking here.

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