Monday, October 31, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): Childish Gambino's "Bonfire"

Halloween has been not too exciting for me as of late. Though it's only 1:30pm. But apparently, Halloween is very eventful for Sir Donald Glover.

He's been so generous at to disclose the location of his secret show that he's been talking about all last week on Twitter, and it's tonight at 9PM at Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets are available at the door at 6PM, people. So if there are any NYers that didn't get a chance to score his concert tickets for this Thursday at Terminal 5 (womp womp, I got my tickets in tow!), then take advantage NOW.

Aside from the above. he also released the official video for "Bonfire." And though the song goes hard and isn't all that scary, the video, since it is released on Halloween, HAD to be. And Donald goes in...

You never fail us.

Happy Halloween, folks :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


This made me happy, so I wanted to share what little happiness I got from seeing someone... move.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


First off... In case you fell desperately in love with the Florence + the Machine's "Shake It Out," their latest album, then great news is here to be bestowed upon you. There is an official video to the masterpiece that is their second single, and it is classic Florence. I tell you. Beautiful in one dimension, headscratchingly interesting in another... Florence has delivered. I personally love the way she sways and moves her body. It's truly enticing...

NOW... For the best part of this post.

So, you know how the album is supposed to have a Halloween release in the UK and a November 1st release in the US? You know how it's supposed to be released? Well, it still is. But they have been so kind as to give us a full album streaming of "Ceremonials"!!!!!

-does backflip after cartwheel after high kick after roundhouse-

How effin' awesome is that?!

Unfortunately, I cannot transfer the album streaming here, but in order to enjoy said streaming, click the here button.

Excuse me whilst I jam...

Hoopla's Latest Trend: Needlepoint Loafers/Mules

Slowly but surely, fashion is seemingly becoming much more interesting to me in a way unimaginable. The ideas I construct in my brain for outfits I want to wear, places I need to shop, accessories I need to have, a collection of wardrobe that I need to build... Don't get me wrong, fashion is in its own way important for everyone, because it has a way of impacting your style. No matter who you are, when there's a trend that you see interesting, you want to board the bandwagon. And whether you're nonchalant about boarding, as if it's no biggie, or you embrace the trend head on!

So here is one trend that has been growing before my eyes rapidly and in which I want to partake in: 

Following Matchbook Magazine on Instagram, I saw a fabulous picture of these loafers and automatically fell in love and wanted for a heaping flow of money to fall upon my head so I can run and buy them. Loafers are simply complex. Comfy, flat, able to be paired with jeans, khakis, or even slacks! These loafers especially are needlepoint, so the design was carefully threaded into the shoes! Such craftsmanship should be celebrated. Unfortunately, for those involved in the Student Struggle movement, these shoes are stemming at $147.00. But that doesn't mean I don't advise you to save some money to purchase them. Seriously, they're too sexy to give up. That's not wise.

Below are a few more Needlepoint Loafers that I have my absolute eye on. One day when I've got all the money in the world, I will inject my closet with loafers upon loafers... for good measure.

Aren't these gorgeous?! OMG, I'm getting so excited looking at them. slip on, beautifully detailed, and top notch. Though expensive, they seem so worth the money.

Click here to purchase some!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Walking Dead Hit

Craziness! The Season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead," shattered records upon records for Cable television, having racked in 7.3 million viewers, being the most watched television telecast in history. HISTORY! Which makes me wonder, because didn't High School Musical break that record? Didn't it rack in about a little over 15 million viewers? Pft. What do I know exactly? I just could have sworn...

Many sworn fans were kind of iffy about the premiere, ever since the producer behind the genius, Frank Darabont, called it quits and dipped. But luckily, not only did it get a surprisingly great response from the fans, it attracted tons of new fans, as you can tell by the number.

But anywho, I haven't seen the season premiere just yet. I plan on it though, thank God for DVR. But ruin nothing for me!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

NEW MUSIC / (VIDEO): Azealia Banks', "212"

Oh, she is totally adorable.

I told myself I'm gonna start keeping my eyes and ears and attention spans in full bloom so I'm not oblivious to anything anymore. I told you. So I came across this gyal they call Azealia Banks who makes a song about c*nts and d*cks called "212" while looking so innocent in a Mickey Mouse sweater and numerous pigtails, a certified club banger.

This Harlem bred 19 year old is able to keep you entertained with not only the beat, not only the words, but with her ability to give you three different types of voices. Sounds kooky, yes. But it works. You have to wonder: how does she do it? Maybe it helps that she went to LaGuardia High School of the Arts?

Listen and pelvic thrust, my friends.

I am definitely keeping an eye of you, Azealia.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Phoenix Jones: Real Life Superhero, Detained!

Holy cow... Real life costumed hero Phoenix Jones was arrested Sunday night in Seattle for "allegedly" assaulting people while in the face of danger with pepper spray. Apparently he thought a fight had broke out. And being the city's hero, he ran to go do his job: save some people. Unfortunately... There was no fight. And now he's being punished for trying to do good.

This is what he said on his Facebook addressing the issue:


It sucks at the circumstance, but I think it's really cool that someone is balls enough to become a city hero. It was actually in January when he came to fame after actually stopping a grand theft auto! Since then, he's become a Seattle household name.

A 23-year-old, married, masked Superhero.

Seriously, that's . . . pretty kickass.

Dangerous, of course, because this dude doesn't have actual superpowers unless you consider his reflexes for when he's fighting, but nonetheless: kickass.


UPDATE: EVERYONE! Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones, whose real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, has unmasked himself! CLICK HERE to see what the hero looks like!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taxi Driver Homage, ft. Chloe Moretz & Keanu Reeves

"Taxi Driver" scene with Jodie Foster and Robert de Niro is paid homage by Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves for Harper Bazaar Magazine.

This is pretty slamming.

Throwback Music: Mariah Carey's "Fantasy (Remix) ft. ODB"

I have this song on my iPod, respectively. And it's one of those blessed songs that when on shuffle, I'll pass when I see it's the next song that is about to play, but in which I second guess myself while listening to the song I skipped to, and go back to listen because I feel a certain way for skipping it. It deserves better than a skip.

In other words, sure guilty pleasure. Can't help yourself. "Lemme get a little taste..." kind of situation we're talking about here.

There's many reasons why I skip "Fantasy," then jump back to it 30 seconds into the next song.

The Nostalgia Whirlpool: When I was younger, my sisters and I were not allowed to watch "The Idiot Box aka TV," and so we had to spark the creative parts of our brain and find ways to entertain ourselves. So here we have this bomb ass 8 track. Like... That 8 track was everything. If we weren't playing computer games, playing UNO or Go Fish, playing with our dolls, we would fill that 8 track and jam.

The 8 Track would consist of TLC, The Fugees, The Spice Girls, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Michael & Janet Jackson (DAMITA JO!! -insert fangirl scream here-), and of course, Mariah Carey.

We especially had the good albums. Celine Dion's "Colour of Love," Janet's "The Velvet Rope," Mariah's "Daydream"... So when we'd blast those songs through our two stereo speakers, my 4 year old sister and the 8 year old me would don our heads with pantyhose and chache around the house while listening to these divas sing and sing along to them.


The beat's fun and playful, the lyrics are cute, and Mariah was so beautifully innocent yet powerful through her vocals, it was irresistible. Back when she wasn't trying to keep herself relevant by creating drama for herself, like now, all she had to do was sing, and she'd have little girls all over the world, like me for example, singing with her. Because for 3 minutes, we could be Mariah Carey.

This is why this song is today's throwback.

Black "Family" Sitcom Triumph: Reed Between the Lines

Last night I had the pleasure of making it home just in time to miss the BET Hip Hop Awards (I never support coonery) and to catch the premiere of BET's latest effort, "Reed Between the Lines," starring Tracee Ellis Ross (!!!!!) and Malcolm Jamal Warner (!!!!!!). But before you wonder why the premiere of this show, or why this show in general, is important, well . . .

We all know BET's a joke. In it's own right. A channel that introduces the masses to Black Entertainment is lacking quality. Has been for a while, to the point where Blacks themselves shun the channel all together, unless it's to watch "The Game," or another repeat of "Love & Basketball," two things BET plays repeatedly all to gain some viewers, and in this case, it works. And lately, with only "The Game," their terrible attempt at a black sticom, "Let's Stay Together," the reality hit/teensy bit of connery, "College Hill," and their terrible version of TRL, "106th & Park," BET is known for re-runs, which is more entertaining than the line-up they already have.

So here you have a show that is not only new, it features two stars we root for and are very familiar with who came from two successful sitcoms that showed us Black folks in a positive light: Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan Clayton, the lawyer with the sexiest wardrobe, sickest body (that ASS), amazing cheekbones, and bountiful natural curls that had problems in the dating world but had three best girlfriends to share the mishap with. And Malcolm Jamal Warner who played the cool, swaggerific Theo Huxtable in the TV sitcom that paved the way for Black "Family" Entertainment, "The Cosby Show." It also has no type of coonery or ghetto messiness affiliated with it, PERIOD... And it's family oriented. Shows a husband and wife, both with respectable jobs, managing three kids who aren't trouble makers.

And honestly? It was refreshing to watch.

Though the show needs a bit of help with the writing and the smoothness of the direction, like the comedy timing with the teenagers (I think they try a bit hard, but this is only the first and second episode. Giving them the benefit of a doubt) and the storylines, it's not bad. It has potential and THEN some. Tracee is flawless, of course. Can she do wrong? She still managed to keep Joan's kick-ass wardrobe. I was feeling EVERYTHING she wore, from her work clothes to her lingerie... Flawless, Trace. And Malcolm . . . (fans myself) Lemme just explain something to you about Malcolm that makes me happy. Every time his character pops up or says something, I swoon so quickly, and for 3 main reasons:
  1. He got so buff. Seriously, I think the wardrobe stylist purposely made him wear tight sweaters, because the guns on this dude were so BEAUTIFUL. They weren't exaggerated guns, like muscle upon muscle. Nothing like that. They were just so . . . UGH! His physique made me wonder what it's like to have him hold you in a tight embrace... You'd feel so secure. So safe. So . . . lemme stop.
  2. His voice is so deep and manly. Comparing him way back in the Cosby Show days as squealy little lame ass Theo?... That voice he has now is so seductive and powerful and DEEP. You pay attention. Serious. He speaks softy but with some thunder to back it up. MMM!
  3. He looks like such a well rounded family man. Like he will go above and beyond to provide and protect. Reassures his wife there's no one he loves or wants more, so she doesn't have to dress extra sexy to try and keep him. Spoils his youngest daughter, calling her "Baby girl..." Being able to have conversations with his teenage kids... Keeping his cool and being patient with his family... Just resembles a man us women all want. Someone we can trust that won't f*ck up and who will do his best, HIS VERY BEST, to do right.
I'm gonna be tuning in every Tuesday to watch, because I have faith. Hopefully the response from last night's premiere has people asking for more TV shows like this and less of "House of Payne," (which I think is a joke) so that TV networks will listen and create more black family sitcoms like this.

I honestly think this is a start. We lost our touch with respect out there. We began to fall into the status quo's and the masses... Let's pave our way again. By doing things like this, bringing in healthy black families onto the TV screens.


Catch "Reed Between the Lines," on Tuesdays at 10pm on BET.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Donald Glover Speaks With GQ Mag

The amazing Donglover, who is featured in the GQ September 2011 issue ("Bad Guy on Campus") visited the headquarters to have a nice chit chat with them. IN THIS VIDEO, YOU WILL FIND:
  • Donald singing whilst whooing you in your seat... I know. I am living proof.
  • Speaking about his start in the rap game.
  • "The thing about music is people will forget you in a month."
  • Talking on being the ventriloquist of his Twitter, and going through the puberty of it
  • Looking himself up, of course...
  • etc.
If I tell you everything, you just might not watch the video.

Click here to check out the nerd boy photoshoot he did with them as well.

Mmm. Look at them suspenders. Haven't looked that good on a dude since Steve Urkel

Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Pac Div's "The Greatness"

I need to check myself a few times, because for every artist or project that I hear of that are underground and trying to be on that come up grind, I pay a tiny bit attention to them, and then shun them, only to find out a few months later, they end up ON that come-up, with everyone on their jock, respectively.

PAC DIV is one of them. Heard of them for over a year, and only paid very little attention to them. One of their mixtapes kept being slapped onto my eyelids to take heed for greatness and to take a listen but I didn't.

So here they come with a new song from their latest project "The DiV," which drops this November, and I'm feeling it. For reals. For reals, for reals.

The song is called "The Greatness," produced by No I.D., who's worked with some of the greats (helped put Kanye on the map and worked behind both "808 & Heartbreaks," and "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"), was President of GOOD Music, and is now Executive VP of Def Jam Records.

This is a cool ass track.

-sighs aloud, slides hand down face-



Thursday, October 6, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): Beyonce's "Countdown"

Beyonce - "Countdown" Video

Ever since that baby bump, I've been on the prowl. So sad, right? But, I won't apologize. The future mother in me went awwww and fanned at my tear filled eyes when she rubbed her belly onstage at the VMA awards in August during her performance. That was beautiful. Seriously.

And in this video for her latest single "Countdown," she just delivers that boo in the belly. And this video is just cute, and i wasn't expecting to love it so much and . . . man. I'm gonna watch it one more time, just for good measure.

Also, I see she made a cute little ode to Audrey Hepburn and even Martha Graham? No? Is it just me? Oh, cool beans.

R.I.P. Sir Steve!

I didn't know who he was until recently because unlike most innovators toward technology like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Steve was never put OUT THERE, per say. And until this summer, I only owned an iPod shuffle (the first generation) and was too young to care who the person behind it was.

But that is beside the point, when I found out who he was or not. The point is, what he has done for the world by co-creating one of technology's biggest movements is universal. Literally. A lot of things would not be, projects unmade, creativities locked... Apple is a huge deal. We can try NOT to admit it, but it's true. It brought competition which brought other devices to people's likings, it brought media editing to an all time high . . .

Apple is universal.

So thank you, Steve Jobs. For my iPod shuffle that I got when I was younger. To the iPod Nano that I received a few years later. To the iphone I'm holding in my hands now and in which I can't let go. yes, an addiction to your products is not healthy, but it's an addiction that's benefited many and myself in many ways.

Rest peacefully, Sir Jobs. You done good.
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