Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Donald Glover Speaks With GQ Mag

The amazing Donglover, who is featured in the GQ September 2011 issue ("Bad Guy on Campus") visited the headquarters to have a nice chit chat with them. IN THIS VIDEO, YOU WILL FIND:
  • Donald singing whilst whooing you in your seat... I know. I am living proof.
  • Speaking about his start in the rap game.
  • "The thing about music is people will forget you in a month."
  • Talking on being the ventriloquist of his Twitter, and going through the puberty of it
  • Looking himself up, of course...
  • etc.
If I tell you everything, you just might not watch the video.

Click here to check out the nerd boy photoshoot he did with them as well.

Mmm. Look at them suspenders. Haven't looked that good on a dude since Steve Urkel

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