Thursday, October 20, 2011


First off... In case you fell desperately in love with the Florence + the Machine's "Shake It Out," their latest album, then great news is here to be bestowed upon you. There is an official video to the masterpiece that is their second single, and it is classic Florence. I tell you. Beautiful in one dimension, headscratchingly interesting in another... Florence has delivered. I personally love the way she sways and moves her body. It's truly enticing...

NOW... For the best part of this post.

So, you know how the album is supposed to have a Halloween release in the UK and a November 1st release in the US? You know how it's supposed to be released? Well, it still is. But they have been so kind as to give us a full album streaming of "Ceremonials"!!!!!

-does backflip after cartwheel after high kick after roundhouse-

How effin' awesome is that?!

Unfortunately, I cannot transfer the album streaming here, but in order to enjoy said streaming, click the here button.

Excuse me whilst I jam...

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