Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hoopla's Latest Trend: Needlepoint Loafers/Mules

Slowly but surely, fashion is seemingly becoming much more interesting to me in a way unimaginable. The ideas I construct in my brain for outfits I want to wear, places I need to shop, accessories I need to have, a collection of wardrobe that I need to build... Don't get me wrong, fashion is in its own way important for everyone, because it has a way of impacting your style. No matter who you are, when there's a trend that you see interesting, you want to board the bandwagon. And whether you're nonchalant about boarding, as if it's no biggie, or you embrace the trend head on!

So here is one trend that has been growing before my eyes rapidly and in which I want to partake in: 

Following Matchbook Magazine on Instagram, I saw a fabulous picture of these loafers and automatically fell in love and wanted for a heaping flow of money to fall upon my head so I can run and buy them. Loafers are simply complex. Comfy, flat, able to be paired with jeans, khakis, or even slacks! These loafers especially are needlepoint, so the design was carefully threaded into the shoes! Such craftsmanship should be celebrated. Unfortunately, for those involved in the Student Struggle movement, these shoes are stemming at $147.00. But that doesn't mean I don't advise you to save some money to purchase them. Seriously, they're too sexy to give up. That's not wise.

Below are a few more Needlepoint Loafers that I have my absolute eye on. One day when I've got all the money in the world, I will inject my closet with loafers upon loafers... for good measure.

Aren't these gorgeous?! OMG, I'm getting so excited looking at them. slip on, beautifully detailed, and top notch. Though expensive, they seem so worth the money.

Click here to purchase some!

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