Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Pac Div's "The Greatness"

I need to check myself a few times, because for every artist or project that I hear of that are underground and trying to be on that come up grind, I pay a tiny bit attention to them, and then shun them, only to find out a few months later, they end up ON that come-up, with everyone on their jock, respectively.

PAC DIV is one of them. Heard of them for over a year, and only paid very little attention to them. One of their mixtapes kept being slapped onto my eyelids to take heed for greatness and to take a listen but I didn't.

So here they come with a new song from their latest project "The DiV," which drops this November, and I'm feeling it. For reals. For reals, for reals.

The song is called "The Greatness," produced by No I.D., who's worked with some of the greats (helped put Kanye on the map and worked behind both "808 & Heartbreaks," and "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"), was President of GOOD Music, and is now Executive VP of Def Jam Records.

This is a cool ass track.

-sighs aloud, slides hand down face-



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