Saturday, October 15, 2011

NEW MUSIC / (VIDEO): Azealia Banks', "212"

Oh, she is totally adorable.

I told myself I'm gonna start keeping my eyes and ears and attention spans in full bloom so I'm not oblivious to anything anymore. I told you. So I came across this gyal they call Azealia Banks who makes a song about c*nts and d*cks called "212" while looking so innocent in a Mickey Mouse sweater and numerous pigtails, a certified club banger.

This Harlem bred 19 year old is able to keep you entertained with not only the beat, not only the words, but with her ability to give you three different types of voices. Sounds kooky, yes. But it works. You have to wonder: how does she do it? Maybe it helps that she went to LaGuardia High School of the Arts?

Listen and pelvic thrust, my friends.

I am definitely keeping an eye of you, Azealia.

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