Wednesday, November 9, 2011

According to Fat Joe, Hip-Hop Is Run By Gays

Now, before you click on this post ready to feel a certain way toward Fat Joe and what he has to say about your favorite genre of music and the artists that shape it, hear him out. I clicked the play button ready to hear his sentiment; a household named rapper back talking his musical community...

Until, of course, I watched the video. And a lot of what Fat Joe says is not nonsense, but truth.

If you aren't in the mood to watch the video, Fat Joe explains that there are, indeed, gay folks in the hip-hop community. Some are too afraid to come out due to their status in the industry and what it can do to their reputation, but in the meantime they bash the same people who they are. And to Fat Joe, it's sad to him that in the year 2011, hip-hop rappers and their fans are too afraid to step out and say that they are gay. And that we may not know it, but even the pioneers and moguls of hip-hop can be gay, as well.

I have absolutely no doubt in that. It seems a bit impossible for there to be absolutely no such as gay folks in hip-hop. Many video vixens and famous prostitutes who have done sexual acts for said rappers have come clean in autobiographies and such, stating that they've seen who some rappers affiliate with when it comes to sex... It doesn't stop at just women.

What's most sad is that there is so much homophobia in the black community alone, that if there were to be any hip-hop artists or moguls who came out, respect would be lost. And it shouldn't be that way, of course. But, it is. Which is what Fat Joe is touching tone with in this video.

Do you agree?

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