Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEW FAVE: Girl on Guy

Honestly, I know a crumb sized amount of people that listen to podcasts. I know a pea sized amount of people that KNOW about podcasts but in which don't really pay attention to them, because to be frank, finding a really good podcast to dedicate and hour and change of your life to is difficult. I used to listen to them a long while ago when I got into the gist of iTunes. Then I stopped because there really was nothing great to listen to

Until now . . .

Aisha Tyler, this beautiful tall glass of woman who you've seen hosting the long ago show Talk Soup on E!, kicking ass in the movie "Balls of Fury," and who stars as Lana Kane on FX's hit animated TV show "Archer," has used her talents to bring us the podcast series, "Girl on Guy." Ooh. Kinky.

But all jokes aside, the stand-up comedian/actress/nerd heroine/author has brought us a refreshing podcast that I've been listening to for the past two days. She brings us topics that only the WHOLE PACKAGED FEMALE can bring: Sex (duh), girl talk, men, video games, comics, zombies, music, food, booze (and lots of)... I mean, I only discovered these podcasts last night. Yes, not exactly two days ago but it seemed that way. But regardless, I listened to it right before going to bed, and made sure I listened to it as I was trying to pry myself out of bed. 

And I must say, Aisha may be easy on the eyes, but her voice is engaging. And not to mention the way she talks, which is mega relatable with a slap of fun, potty-mouthing, and a shitload of "DUDE!" She brings in some awesome guests, such as ?uestlove, Chris Hardwick (his podcast episode is one of my faves), Zachary Levi, and even the women of Archer, another episode which I looooved. It's cool when she tlks wit hthe guys, but when she's surrounded with the girls, especially girls that are just as whimsical and raunchy as she is... ENTERTAINMENT.

If you've got iTunes, download her podcasts HERE.
Visit her website HERE.
And follow her on her Twitter and Facebook.

Just... check her out. Aisha nevers fails to be awesome.

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