Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funny or Die Brings In The Musical Funny

I saw this video while prowling Donald Glover's website, for he posted it up on there. And I didn't know what I was going to watch, honestly. But I always watch what Donald posts on his blog because I know he's a funny dude and I respect his craft. That craft includes what he finds enjoyable enough to post on his blog. But at the same time, I really do admire Funny or Die for always making me laugh, and doing so by featuring some of my favorite celebritites and/or comedians. So me clicking that play button was bound to happen, for either or reasons, you know?

And I'm so glad I did, because I enjoyed this so much! Starring comedian/actor David Neher, who I recognized automatically as being the super nice science guy, Todd, in "Community," who everyone was so hard on (poor dude!), I didn't know where the direction of the video was going, till I continued watching.

Let's not forget, Mariachi El Bronx's "48 Roses," was such a great song to be played during this video. Man. I loved it.

I hope you do, too.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Man Candy #9: Michael Fassbender

There is something so sexy about a man that walks with power in his stride. His hands are balled up in fists, or crossed over his broad chest, or maybe one if crossed under the other arm while that arm is holding his hand which is cupping his chin because he's in deep observation... A man that walks swiftly but powerfully across a room, that has eyes that shift comfortably and scans you when you're introduced to him. His grip, firm. His smile, charming but intense. But when he smirks, you swoon. Hair, gelled back. No stubble whatsoever, which though I hate since I'm a gal that adores facial hair, he makes it look good?

That's Michael Fassbender.

Not only does this man have the physique of a powerful man who knows what he wants and humble brags about it, but he has the attitude that shows in his stride and also has the reputation to back that powerful aura up. It's all there! He's an engaging actor who I loved seeing on the screen when I watched "X-Men: First Class," he's a suave looking man who doesn't gallop around from magazine to magazine talking about his personal life but you slightly want to KNOW about it, and got damn, is he smooth.

Watching the trailers for his new films, "A Dangerous Method," and "Shame," which both involve intense sexual desire, you just have to thank God he was cast in them, because no one can make desire and sex look as great as Michael Fassbender as of late. This 34-year-old man (so young! I love it) can woo you in a foul sweep.

I don't want to stop seeing his face. It's too alluring.

And that is why he is the 9th Man Candy.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I will forever kick myself in the head for spending $12.50 to see the film that I was so hype for, "Sucker Punch." Because, naturally... If you are very fond of action done RIGHT, and not to mention females who look badass doing it while keeping their sex appeal to an all time high and conquering robotic army men, dragons, and huge shanghai looking warriors, you're going to get hype. NATURALLY.

So when I actually see the film, right from the beginning I am so disappointed. The storyline is so half-assed, it's incredible. Throughout the whole movie I'm in the theatre sighing under my breath, sucking my teeth, rolling my eyes and exclaiming things like, "WHAT THE F*CK?!" "That makes no friggin' sense." "Oh, lord." "Why did they DO that?!"

The graphics? Beyond boss. There was no disappointment whatsoever in the graphics because they went IN. I actually think they focused too much on the graphics when they should have divided it 50/50 graphics and storywise. BUT HEY. Who am I to speak, heh?

But while I'm trolling YouTube, looking for new tunes, I come across some Sucker Punch FMV's (Fan Made Videos), and after I watch one....

I watch another.

And another.

Aaaaaand another!

Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Is this a deleted scene? My bad. Why did they cut this out? Vanessa Hudgens needs my digits. For reals. And Jena Malone, hubba hubba...

Through visuals and soundtrack, this movie could have scored BIG. The potential it had... Makes me sad, y'know?

Can't judge a wack ass book by its top notch cover.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Start Christmas Correctly With Christmas Music's Comeback

I love Christmas.

Simply put, it's one of those holidays that can easily cheer me up because the festivities that come along with it--celebration of snow, gifts from the ones you love, kissing under the mistletoe, the decorations and lights--is exciting and cheerful. Call me a sucker for happy and smiles, but so be it. I love the happiness that fills the streets and hearts of everyone who loves and wants to celebrate Christmas like me.

But the one thing that puts me in a great mood for Christmas is the music, and I must admit that there has been a lack of great quality Christmas music for a long time. GLEE! came out with a Christmas album, as did Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, who is the latest contender. But none of them made me feel jolly. None of them brought me the thing I call The Nostalgic Whirlpool.

None but one.

"Haven't Met You Yet," singer Michael Bublé managed to bring the spirit of Christmas that had vanished a long time ago amongst the materialistic chaos that replaced it, and I am so thankful.

His voice, which manages to stay soulful and traditional aids in keeping the Christmas cheer alive, with the sounds of the instruments that bring the harmonic sounds together, and with the help of his background singers that take us back to when Christmas was peacefully enjoyable: in the mid 90s... Songs like, "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas," seems like an upgrade to a timeless song, while his adaptation of popular Christmas songs such as Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," songs less pop filled and more romantic and smooth. Shania Twain joins him in a duet for "White Christmas," which sounds stunning with the combination of these two great voices, and Michael includes an original Christmas song of his own, "Cold December Night," which is a ballad that can easily give you the feeling of warming some hot cocoa and sitting by the fire with someone special. Aside from the music being absolutely brilliant, showing off Bublé's voice as the masterpiece it is, these timeless songs are also very nostalgic, giving you a warm feeling that Christmas is all about. Reminding us that the holiday cheer is still alive, Michael Bublé's Christmas album is a must purchase.

And if you're like me, who relies on not only the decorations, the spirit, but also the music, than I don't even need to emphasize how much you'll enjoy this work of Christmas art.

Purchase his album HERE (iTunes) or HERE (Disc-Purchase)
Preview a few tracks HERE
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