Friday, December 2, 2011


I will forever kick myself in the head for spending $12.50 to see the film that I was so hype for, "Sucker Punch." Because, naturally... If you are very fond of action done RIGHT, and not to mention females who look badass doing it while keeping their sex appeal to an all time high and conquering robotic army men, dragons, and huge shanghai looking warriors, you're going to get hype. NATURALLY.

So when I actually see the film, right from the beginning I am so disappointed. The storyline is so half-assed, it's incredible. Throughout the whole movie I'm in the theatre sighing under my breath, sucking my teeth, rolling my eyes and exclaiming things like, "WHAT THE F*CK?!" "That makes no friggin' sense." "Oh, lord." "Why did they DO that?!"

The graphics? Beyond boss. There was no disappointment whatsoever in the graphics because they went IN. I actually think they focused too much on the graphics when they should have divided it 50/50 graphics and storywise. BUT HEY. Who am I to speak, heh?

But while I'm trolling YouTube, looking for new tunes, I come across some Sucker Punch FMV's (Fan Made Videos), and after I watch one....

I watch another.

And another.

Aaaaaand another!

Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Is this a deleted scene? My bad. Why did they cut this out? Vanessa Hudgens needs my digits. For reals. And Jena Malone, hubba hubba...

Through visuals and soundtrack, this movie could have scored BIG. The potential it had... Makes me sad, y'know?

Can't judge a wack ass book by its top notch cover.

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