Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aubrey Plaza Goes Batshit in this Music Video

Father John Misty (aka J. Tillman, the drummer of the Fleet Foxes) has brought us something pretty interesting here for the music video of his debut single, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings." Interesting, why?

Because the video brought us the likings of Aubrey Plaza going apeshit, a side of her we rarely see (or at all, if you're not an avid viewer of "Parks & Recreation"), and from the looks of it, a side that we can definitely get used to. But not enough to destroy her reputation as the Princess (or Queen, if you don't know anyone above and beyond in dry humor) of Deadpan.

The video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," is head-tilting in a sense where you might not exactly know what's going on right away, or at all, but in which the sight of Aubrey Plaza showcasing something a little less dry and a little more psychotic (eating flowers, humping a lamp, and walking/crying with a bleeding nose to name a few) entertains you enough. Plus the song is kinda nice.

I dunno about you, but something tells me that Aubrey can be any character she wants to be, but remains deadpan either for comfortability or to keep us entertained. But every once in a while, she'll break the mold. Which is a pretty smart move, the element of surprise. Hollywood knows you one way. But when they see you step out every once in a while, they go "Ahhhhhh.... Look at that..."

Watch the vid over at EW.com (click link) since they're being mean and didn't include an embed code. Bleh.

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