Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elle Varner? You Done Good, Kid.

Have you guys heard Elle Varner's mixtape, "Controversial Lush," yet?

Man... I gave her some hard time because after a while of truly listening to "Only Wanna Give It To You," I really began to not like it. It sounds so off while also being too much, y'know? Too many highs and lows, and she changes her voice from verse to chorus to hook, each being a different way of singing. It drove me up the wall. Too much in one song? KILL.

But she's really talented, that much is true. So I summed up my faith in her and checked her mixtape out.

No way in hell am I disappointed. This mixtape is a fine piece of work, and it is easily the most freshest R&B mixtape/EP out there! Her voice, which I never stopped liking, is so gorgeous in a raspy and croony way that she pulls off very well. I believe she writed her own music too, so kudos to that. Lyrically, I enjoyed it. Not too simple, while not being too complex. Conversational Lyrics, I like to call them. And there's funny punk within some tracks, such as "WTF," a song that had me cracking up because she let loose and it was enjoyable.

A few other favorites include "Refill," which I wish were longer, "Feel Like A Woman," "Ghosts," "So Fly," which was fantastic when it came to matters of being self conscience with the standards of beauty, and "32 Flavors," which was the first single off the mixtape to perk my ears in interest.

Listen to (and download) the mixtape below! No regrets here.

Sigh... I see you, Elle.


Jacque said...

I just downloaded this!!! Feel like a woman is the absolute best song on the mixtape...love it

Cee Frizzle said...

There's something about that song... makes me feel good lol.

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