Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style Mama: Nadia Aboulhosn

She made the top out of a scarf. A SCARF. I nearly died from amazement.
I'm not a fashion junkie, but don't be fooled entirely. I like to indulge in fashion magazines such as Nylon, Glamour, and Allure to name a few, I will find myself searching for the latest trends to try or the trends that have fallen in the "To-Do...Not!" list, and I happen to be quite fond of fashion bloggers, any shape and any size alike. Seeing the style of other people around the world and how they assemble their everyday attire is fun and inspirational, don't you think?

Well, not too long ago, I came across a fashion blogger who literally took my breath away on site from the outfit I caught her wearing. I searched for her blog and in a matter of seconds, I found it, spending a whole hour analyzing her quotes, reading her passage to the inspiration of her outfits, and then the outfits themselves, which always made me go "Oh, wow... That's sa-weeeet." Her look, overall, is amazing. She has this Bohemian vibe that runs at your eyes, with dark brown/black hair falling over her shoulders and mid-back, she has skin that's a pale olive tone, her eyes are excrutiatingly smoldering, with a make up fresh face that's envious. She has long legs, a tiny waist, and the best part? She's gorgeously thick. Wide hips, thick thighs, and a booty that people wish to have, her figure is THE poster ad for the ideal womanly figure.

There are times when I think, "Holy crap, that outfit and pose is badass!" And then there are days when I go, "That outfit can be rocked by anyone... It's simple and cute, but what makes it stand out for her and her alone is that smile." Did I mention Nadia has a smile that is radiant beyond words? Fresh, friendly, and fun, her smile exemplifies the Three F's and enunciates her outfit even more. Nadia's got the whole package, and in this blogosphere of numerous fashion bloggers alike, plus size, thin, black, white, she does an amazing job at standing out.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Well, she loved the questions so much, that she made a video for me and for her blog as well. Check it out!

One of the things that I adore Nadia for is her fearlessness to strut whatever she puts on, whether she gets comments about it, in which she's told her readers on her blog that she undoubtedly has. It's not easy to represent yourself through what you wear, especially when you think that because of your size, you shouldn't wear one thing, or because of your personality, to wear something not similar to it would be wrong... The thing is, we have to learn to appreciate the person inside of us that dresses the person on the outside. That in itself can be just as complicating, because we want to find a way to express ourselves but we usually don't know how.

It's being fearless, unapologetic, creative, and down right ballsy that brings a true fashionista, or any person willing to showcase who they are, to life. And with Nadia, someone who is not only simply beautiful on the outside, but plain ol' awesome on the inside, that came easily.

Aside from her beauty, she also has a work ethic toward her fashion that is pretty sick. Always reminding us that she's all about making her dreams come true, they slowly are, for she's been featured on countless fashion blogs, was chosen along with another plus size beauty, Heather Hazzar, to be the plus sized models for American Apparel, has chosen fashion looks for Ashley Stewart, models regularly for Seventeen Magazine, and so much more. Her buzz is getting louder, and it's literally only a matter of time before she blows EVERYONE away. No bullshit.

There's no doubt that admiration and love is what she deserves for doing what many dare to do.

G'on, girl. The world is watching.

(all photos courtesy Nadia's blog. CLICK HERE to check her out!)


Nadia Aboulhosn said...

OMG I LOVE THIIIIIS! youre so sweet bebe. thank you for all the lovely things you said! xoxo

Ayanna Wu said...

she is absolutely gorg! love herrrrrr

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