Monday, February 13, 2012

SHORT FILM: "No Bikini," by Claudia Morgado Escanilla

This movie is so innocent while it has the ability to make you think about a lot of things. For one, dividing genders and what society says a gender can or can't do. Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys. Skirts are for Girls, Pants are for Boys. Cheerleading is for Girls, Sports are for Boys... that kind of thing. And it all starts when these kids come out of the womb. When they'e placed in a pink or blue bin indicating their gender to when they get their 3-year-old birthday party filled with Tonka trucks or Dora the Explorer.

But what if all of that was taken away Switched a bit?

This short film, about a little girl who doesn't want to wear a bikini, is amazing, only because that sole decision made a whole difference.

Check it out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Nigel Thornberry Disney Takeover

"When will my reflection show, who I am inside?" The jig is up, Mulan.

A genius person via tumblr has started this trend of GIFs where the 2D creations of Disney Movies have their faces replaced by Nigel Thornberry, the kook of a father and animal lover who backpacks his family around the world in the awesome show that was, "The Wild Thornberries."

I don't know why...

I don't know how... (well, I have a good feeling how, but the idea came about...)

But this trend has become one of Tumblr's greatest reasons for existence. It's these funny antics that is why you can't get enough of it.

At least for me.


Hercules. MY FAVORITE, hands down.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Can you imagine trying to cop her digits, then to see her turn around and...nevermind.
The Princess & The Frog. Magic at its worse...
The Little Mermaid. Nigel's mustache can pose as fins, I swear.

Thank you, Hannah! All of these photos are her genius work. Click here to see some more. 
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