Get To Know: Cee Frizzle

One day, when I was in the 5th grade, my mother received my progress reports. In one of them, my english teacher Ms. Depre wrote, "Cee Frizzle is a lovely student to have. She's advanced in reading and her creative writing is impecable! But . . . she daydreams a lot. Causing her to not pay attention."
I haven't stopped daydreaming, btw.


I'm Cee Frizzle (codename). 21 yrs young. Known to be extremely cute to my dismay, but known to be the life of the crowd. Former hippie, current yuppie. Spoonfeeding the masses. I'm also an aspiring journalist, hoping to one day create a magazine that I have this major feeling will be a hit. Not only that, but I'm an aspiring actress, hoping to one day grace the big and little screens. I'm simple. I don't overdo anything that'll make me "DIFFERENT," because whatever I do, I do. Trying too hard to stand out takes too much time, and I'm a lazy girl (something I'm trying to get out of fast!)

I adore clothes, accessories, jewelry, nails, make-up, hair . . . while also loving music, art, museums, books, films, blogs and anything creative. I'm a wide variety just like everyone else, but with my own variety, not like anyone else, can you dig it?

Whatever is spoken about in this blog is what's revving my engines now. I hope you enjoy my blog. It's a blog about anything and everything that I think you'd be glad I blogged about.

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